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Band Sawmills

We have installed more than 400 TKNB (Thinkerf & narrow band) sawmills and became the market leader in Sri Lanka. The technology we introduced saves 30% trees and 60% electricity to the nation.


Engineering Division

We are heavy steel fabricators, importers, and manufacturers of machines for special purposes. We design and manufacture entertainment equipment such as mechanically walking Dinosaurs.


Ship Repairs

As a licensed ship repairer, we undertake repairs of A/C and refrigeration systems, install new A/C and refrigeration systems, heavy steel fabrications, and ship work.


A/C and Ref

As an ICTAD grade EM1 certified company we design, assemble, manufacture, import and supply A/C, chillers and refrigeration systems for requirements such as factories, ships and office complexes.


NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

We are licensed Non Destructive Testing (NDT) inspectors, examiners and certifiers.


Rice Mills & Dryers

Supplier of rice mills, rice mill accessories, and equipment such as colour sorters, driers, and elevators.

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For the past three decades, we have designed and manufactured special machineries required by the industrial sector in Sri Lanka. We import   and supply machinery & accessories from world leading companies. We have designed implemented various projects  for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. We have supplied and installed more than 400 band saw mills around the island. Our dedicated engineering and technical staff are always ready to assist you. Our professionals are ready to assist you to obtain required reports and financial assistance via banks and other institutions.   

Professional Service

  • ISO Certified Company.
  • ICTAD Grade EM1 Certified.
  • Licensed Marine Repairer.
  • Licensed NDT Examiners.
  • Most of Our Products Are Covered By Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects.
  • We Assist In Arranging Bank And Institution Facility At Low Interest Rates.
  • We Are Backed By Leading Banking Institutions In Sri Lanka And International Credit Facilities.
  • Our Band Saw Mills In Log Processing Industry Saves 30% Trees And 60% Electricity To The Nation.