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1. Do you undertake engineering work including designing

Yes we undertake customer specific engineering work including design

2. What is a band saw mill?

This technology supersedes the old circular saw mills. A thin kerf, narrow band  saw with cutting teeth saw through the log. Due to its advance technology small sections as thin as 1mm can be sawn.

3. Do you provide financial arranging assistance?

Yes we have tie up’s with leading banks, leasing & other financial institutions and we  assist in arranging financing for machines.

4. Do you provide field service for band saw machines?

We have a team of trained technicians based at two strategic location, to serve our customer base within a response time of 24 hrs.

5. You undertake service on what size of ships in the marine environment

We undertake repairs, service & new installation of AC & refrigeration systems on ocean vessels regardless of the size & capacities of the system. We also undertake sand blasting & painting work.

6. Do you undertake welding work?

We undertake high tech welding work, inspection of welds using Gamma Ray & certification  and non destructive methods of testing commonly referred to as NDT.

7. What is your involvement in the Rice Mill industry?

We supply and install standard & fully integrated rice mills. We locally manufacture supply & install bio mass fired paddy dryers.

8. Are you registered with any government regulatory body?

We are an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified ICTAD grade EM! company with a presence in the respective fields for over 32 years.